The Art of the Poetical Essay

From a poet, artist, musician, academic, human being.

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Let the Mourning Come

My book, Let the Mourning Come, was published on June 4th, 2022. It was a wondrous day, and I barely felt anything of it. Except for maybe that little pang of joy. WHERE TO PURCHASE?You can…

Stuck in the pyjama-zone: I think so I am… agender?

Original article in Dutch can be found on Rosa’s website Genderklik. Feeling agender to me is like waking up at six am and still having to figure out how you’re actually feeling. Last week I was…

This blog is an attempt of mine to engage in a long-lived dream of writing essays, following in the footsteps of writers such as Olivia Laing, Savannah Brown, Audre Lorde, Susan Sontag, and Angela Davis (to name just a few). Alongside this, I hope to be able to transform the writing of essays into a poetical endeavour.

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